FOSS Project Proposals

If you have interest in any of these, or would like to sponsor my development of a project, please email me!  Any desktop software I write will be focused on GNU/Linux to start, since that is what I use.
My Github

Fitness Tracker (FOSS alternative to Strava)

Stage: Aspirational

I think there is a need for a new app to give lots of statistics, and possibly even user-programmed reports, on exercise and physical activity in a non-invasive manner. I'd like to develop this app for both computers  and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Creative Writing Assistant

Stage: Initial Planning

I'd like to develop an app that uses NLP to help writing. Integrate with LLMs for organization, analysis, suggestions, etc - use NLTK and other libraries or in-house models to analyze structure and place constraints (for instance, if you wanted to write in strict sonnet form).