State University of New York (2019-2022), no degree

Brown University (2022 - present), S.cB. in progress

For a non-music focused document, please see my resume.

For information on works composed before 2020, please inquire via email.

I consider works in the last 3 months of 2021 and beyond to be "mature" works.



Phantasmal Dance: Grade IV, Symphonic Orchestra, 3 minutes

Symphony No. 1: Grade VII, Wind Ensemble, 24 minutes

Karuna, Grade V: Wind Ensemble, 8 minutes

Sonata for Alto Saxophone: Grade VII, Alto Saxophone and Piano, 22 minutes

Sonata for Trombone: Grade VI, Trombone and Piano, 14 minutes


Shadow's Death: Grade IV, Wind Ensemble, 6 minutes

Movement for Paul: Grade VI, Wind Ensemble, 6 minutes

The Bear and His Pool: Grade I, Wind Ensemble, 2 minutes

The Adirondack Symphony: Grade VI, Wind Ensemble, 33 minutes

Leroux: Grade VI, Symphonic Orchestra, 7 minutes

The Rainy Day: Grade VII, Chamber Orchestra w/ solo Soprano and Tenor, 5 minutes

Falling: Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra w/ solo Piano, 7 minutes

Violin Sonata: Grade VII, Violin and Piano, 16 minutes

Symphony No. 2, Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra, 26 minutes


Compulsion: Grade IV, Wind Ensemble, 6 minutes

Iron Stairs (Piano Concerto No. 1): Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra w/ solo Piano, 18 minutes

Sonata for Cello: Grade VII, Cello & Piano, 13 minutes

Symphony No. 3: Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra, 48 Minutes

Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble*: Grade VII, Wind Ensemble w/ solo Bb Clarinet, 20 minutes


Violin Concerto: Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra w/ solo Violin, 28 minutes

Payasadas: Grade VII, Wind Ensemble, 4.5 minutes

Symphony No. 4: Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra, 37 minutes

Concerto for Four Percussion (in progress): Grade VII, Symphonic Orchestra, TBD

* this composition made possible by a generous grant from the Brown Arts Institute