Welcome to the digital home of Levi Neuwirth!

Student of Computer Science and Mathematics at Brown; Composer and Musician; Freelance Developer; Lifelong Learner

I do a lot! If you know what you are here for, feel free to use the toolbar. Otherwise, happy exploring.

What do I do?

Freelance Programming

Feel free to see my current projects, past projects, or inquire about a new one! I'm particularly interested in the intersection of mathematics and software development.

Skilled Composer of Classical Music

With 6 symphonies, multiple concerti, and many other works to my name, I am creating an unparalleled body of work.

Lifelong Learner

The theme of my life is the pursuit of knowledge. Aside from my studies at Brown, I am constantly studying areas that interest me.

Recent Writings

Stay tuned! I'm revamping the writings into a new format with a new area of the website. It should be done within a few weeks!

The "Service Economy"


If ownership is the winning detail of capitalism, then the American economy has shifted, thanks to greedy corporations, into one that is distinctly anti-capitalist.


Oops! Keep them ignorant


Nowadays even companies which tout themselves as privacy-oriented are adopting not only the evil practices of big tech, but also the foolish mannerisms.


On Invidious and Google's Ignorant Greed


Google's developers have clearly forgotten exactly what an API is, but at least they've made lots of innovative progress in ways to invade people's privacy and freedom (/s).